Women's Clothing

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Our tunics come in a small variety of designs. We prefer to wear the long-sleeved tunics over a jumper and the sleeveless ones over a dress. Sleeves on the tunics can either have elastic at the wrist or be opened. Some like the elastic better because they like to push their sleeves up when working. Other prefer to roll their sleeves up for work; if this is the case, the non-elastic sleeve would be a better option.

"I just received the blouses ... I cannot even begin to tell you how perfect they are. Thank you so much!" - E. G. in NY (purchased tunics)

Here is a tunic with open sleeves and visible buttons.

 This design has a closed front with a few buttons at the top.


"I love this pattern and it works very well for me and looks so nice over my blouse and jumper. The smock is such a good choice for those of us with a larger frame." J. W. WA
This smock pattern looks very modest on larger frames.